Eyelashes 101

Eyelashes are no longer a luxury item — woman of all classifications are viewing maintenance of luscious lashes a high-priority budget line item. Here are some facts to help you decide if lash services might be for you.

Modern eyelash extensions or artificial lash enhancements are said to have started with D. W. Griffith, the producer of a silent film,  Intolerance: Love’s Struggle Throughout the Ages (1916). He wanted actress Seena Owen to have lashes “that brushed her cheeks, to make her eyes shine larger than life.”  However, far more ancient paintings and artworks show eye enhancements, and most likely, lash extensions have been around for centuries.

Today, there are several types of lashes that can be applied to your eyelids and lashes:


“Strip Lashes” come pre-styled with single or clusters of lashes on a strip that is  adhered to the skin just above the lash line with a temporary lash adhesive. Fun embellishments make these great “party lashes.”These can often be worn a couple of days before they need to be removed and the eyes thoroughly cleansed. It’s not a good idea to wear them longer than that, for the health of the lash line. These lashes can be trimmed from the outer end…so you will retain the nice styling of the graduated lengths.

“Clusters” or “Flares”…sometimes mistakenly referred to as lash extensions are several lashes knotted together at the cluster-lashes-karen-hodgesbase-usually 3-6 lashes in each cluster. These can add quick glamour to a look–sometimes just a couple on the outer ends of your own lashes is all you need. These lashes can be adhered to the skin just above the lash line with a temporary lash adhesive, but like strips, above, should not be left in place for more than a few days for the health of the lash line. Be aware that some unethical persons are applying these to the natural lashes using semi-permanent lash adhesive and the weight and the fact that the individual lashes are not isolated results in pulling on the natural lashes, trauma to the lash follicles and can cause permanent lash loss.

“Lash Extensions” or “Semi-Permanent Lashes” are individual lashes that are appliedlashes-karen-hodges to your individual natural eye lashes. This style of lash enhancement is the most natural and the only one recommended for long term wear. A skillful application will ensure that your lashes are not over-weighted or stuck together, and with proper maintenance there is no cause for concern about the health of your lash line, since the extensions are applied to your lashes, not your skin. You can wear this style indefinitely as your lashes naturally age and shed, getting new extensions applied.

Each type of lash enhancement requires a unique type of adhesive. Do NOT attempt to use a semi-permanent adhesive for cluster/flares or strip lashes–you will damage your natural lashes which can take months to recover. All three methods can make your eyes really pop when you need that little bit of glamour!

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  1. Sherene
    Sherene says:

    I appreciate ur posts! And I agree that there’s nothing else (besides red lipstick maybe) a person can have done to their face that INSTANTLY brightens their look than lash extensions. Lash extensions are non invasive and a nap during application is a side benefit.


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