Don’t Stop! And Don’t Ever Blink!

Recently, in a beauty industry Facebook group, a member posted that she was a single mom who was going to give up her corporate job and follow her dream – from part time to full time in the beauty industry. She asked “can I do it?”  This is my reply:

Yes, you can! It’s a lot. But it’s doable. You will need to work like a woman obsessed…long after bedtime you’ll be creating social media posts and scheduling them. You’ll want nothing more than to cuddle up with your babies but will need to cook and clean and pay all the bills and do spa laundry.

It will be anguishing. And hard. And you’ll wonder if this day will ever end at least once a week. And you will work harder than you have ever worked. And you’ll miss out on so much.

And then one day you’ll realize you’ve paid all the bills but you still have a couple hundred left over. You’ll think… what should I be doing right now? Only to realize all the chores have been done for the day. You’ll realize you aren’t crazy stressed.

A day will come where you feel like …today I did some good work and I got paid. And my home is in order. My kids are thriving. We are all thriving, in fact.

And you’ll realize working for yourself is both the hardest thing you’ve ever done and the best thing you’ve ever tried.

If you are ready for the challenge, line up some help. Go to that handful of good friends and ask them “there may come a day when I literally can’t be all the places I need to be … can I count on you to get milk for me? Or make a post office run? Or pick up a child?”

Save literally every penny you can right now. Coupon. Buy on sale. And know that whatever money you have saved up will be about half of what you will need.

If you still have a fire in your gut… make lists. Lists of lists. Mark off everything you accomplish. The saying is “How do you climb Mt. Everest? One step at a time.”

Surround yourself with believers. We believe in you… make sure you have others too. If someone asks “what is your plan B?” Tell them “my plan B is to work harder on plan A.”

If you choose this path, don’t waver. Go slow when you need to, but don’t stop. And don’t ever blink.

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