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One of my personally least-favorite comments of all times on social media is when someone has been presented with facts, science, the knowledge of the keenest minds or other justifiably accurate information and they push back with “but I’ve always done it that way and I’ve never had a problem.”

What a cop-out.

First, let’s examine the accuracy of such a statement. How can you say this is a fact? How do you know there’s never been a problem with your way of operating? Have you actually heard from every single client over every single shift you’ve worked and they all have told you 100% what you did was good?  NO! This can’t be justified as a fact.  Many times, our clients simply peter off – they quit coming and we never hear from them again. We never know why. They may have indeed “had a problem” and we are just uninformed.

Next, let’s look at why this is a weak statement at its core:

  1. Times change! What we know and what we do about it is evolving at an ever-increasing pace. We’ve always had cancer…but now we can identify specific strains. We’ve always had “germs” but now we know which ones are deadly. We are learning…and we do things differently now because of what we’ve learned.
  2. Things change! When the majority of beauty industry regulations were written (and most have not been updated to reflect today’s actual realities…while many have not yet been updated at all!) things were different.  We didn’t have super bugs that were resistant to our first lines of defense. We didn’t have so many mutating strains that hopped boundaries between species so readily. Or maybe we did, but we didn’t know how common they are!
  3. People change! We are a society of more elders than ever in history. People are living longer….and by definition there’s more wrong with us in our advanced age. A bigger percentage of our society is more susceptible to being colonized with poor practices.

No…just because you feel you’ve never had a problem before…you can’t lean on this as a reliable predictor under current circumstances.  This statement is weak. And indefensible.

Know Better…Do Better

When persons in authority tell you something you’re doing is not “best practice” rather than clapping back with nonsense such as the above or attempting to defend yourself with pseudo-science and fake news, simply hit [PAUSE].
Stop and listen…and THINK just a hot minute!

In fact, anytime someone tells you they’ve got a better way than what you’re doing, you owe it to yourself and your clients to actually evaluate your practices. Are you really functioning at the highest possible level of knowledge and skill? Are you truly looking out for your health and safety, that of your family…and what about your clients? Don’t you owe your business the very best you can give it? Don’t you want the highest possible return for your efforts? Muddling through your days on auto pilot is not how you maximize the rewards of your efforts!

Don’t settle for “OK practices” or “my usual practices”. Instead, make it your mission to find and implement “Best practices” in every aspect of your business.

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