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Home Based Salons – No Discounting!

  DON’T Discount….DO give more and charge more! In mentoring and participating in social media forums, I often run across statements/discussions to the effect of when you work out of a home-based salon, you should lower your prices. Why do people think this way, I wonder? One common justification given is “because you don’t have […]

Eyelashes 101

Eyelashes are no longer a luxury item — woman of all classifications are viewing maintenance of luscious lashes a high-priority budget line item. Here are some facts to help you decide if lash services might be for you. Modern eyelash extensions or artificial lash enhancements are said to have started with D. W. Griffith, the […]

Who Pays the Tax Man?

There is such an ongoing issue in the salon industry: Are your workers employees or not? Every salon owner wants to somehow earn a profit, and searches for a way to do so, but some bad practices are common–and they should stop. The IRS does not care who pays the payroll taxes that are based […]

Electric Files are for Footcare, Too!

Nail techs who want to prevent repetitive-motion injuries should learn to incorporate electric files in their foot care services. These tips will help you add this component to your pedicures. It doesn’t really matter what brand of electric file you use, as long as it is a professional electric file with a micro-motor in the […]

To Glove or Not to Glove?

…Why are We Still Asking this Question? This topic comes up repeatedly in online professional groups. There are still a few who are resistant to wearing gloves during personal services–I believe they are not fully informed of today’s ramifications. One oft-quoted phrase is “I need skin-on-skin to be effective in my treatments.” Another is “my clients won’t […]

Vicki Peters – In Memorium

January 18, 2015 –  Somewhere north of Haiti  Vicki Peters Remembered in a Beautiful Moment on the NTP 2015 Cruise. I said good bye to my friend today, in a ceremony of rose petals and glitter—perfectly fitting for a woman who had her sparkly moments. Words were spoken by some, but not by all. We each […]

How Clean is Clean?

As salon owners and staff members, we are required to see to the safety and sanitation of our salons, equipment and implements. This means we need to get them clean. Really clean — how clean, is that, exactly? Pseudomonas aeruginosa, is a bacteria sometimes found under nail products. It is a very common bacteria that […]