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Lashes Unite the World

Eyelash extensions first entered the scene with the new millennium and artists around the globe are pushing the boundaries with innovative techniques.

Lash extensions were first performed by placing a single lash extension along the shaft of a natural lash in a “paint the lash” application of adhesive. Refinements in adhesives over the years made it possible to adhere extensions with the tiniest possible single bead of adhesive, which allowed extension to be attached only at the base of the natural lash, thus effectively doubling the volume of the lash line.


How to Switch Salons and Keep Things Drama-Free

The time has come; you need to leave your current salon in order to begin the next phase of your career. How do you handle this change? What can you do to ensure that your clients will be able to find you? Follow these guidelines for a smooth transition.

Giving Notice: Do You or Don’t You?
An unpleasant reality of the beauty industry: Often, when a nail technician gives notice of her intent to leave the salon, the owner reacts in fear and terminates the working relationship immediately. We’ve all heard stories about…

Technique: How to Do a Gel Pedicure

Keep your clients’ pedicures vibrant all summer long with color gels! They can last for at least three weeks on toenails, so your clients won’t have to touch up their pedicures while on vacation. Here are the steps for application:

Do Your Prep Work

To begin the service on healthy, clean, dry feet, use one of the following methods: Perform a quick dip and foot wash; spray the feet thoroughly with warm, soapy water; or, if your client just bathed, wet her feet with an antiseptic spray recommended for use on the skin….


Job Smarts – A Quiz – pg 114

Nailpro, February, 2014

In the salon world there are many functios and business models: booth rnter, commissioned employee independent contractor, salon owner and more. As a nail tech trying to navigate the different entities involved, varying state requirements and an inconstant industry cn lead to confusion on how to professionally and legally operate your business.  In fact, far too often, the lines are blurred between legal business practices and common. accepted practices.

To help you decipher how your business should be handled, take our quiz! We’ve compiled some of the most common employer-employee scenarios and offered up expert answers for each. Understanding the …

Nurtured Nails – pg 72

Nailpro, February, 2014

February celebrates love, so what better time to pamper holi-dazed clients who have been harsh with their nails?  Nail art is perennial, but some clients go overboard with glitter, glue, crystals, studs, and enhancements without taking the time to properly care for their nails during the busy holidays. A little TLC from you will have them ready for spring and summer nail trends in no time

Start from scratch. Safely remove any product from your client’s nails by using the appropriate removal method. If you are soaking off gels or acrylics, follow these steps to help prevent dehydration and to re-nourish the nails:  1) Discuss with your client whether or not she wants…


Medical Pedicures – pg 108

Les Nouvelles Esthetiques, February, 2014

The word “pedicure” is derived from the Latin term pedis cura or “care of the foot.” There is more to a nail technician’s repertoire of services than just decorating toes.  Medi-pedis are an opportunity to enhance the menu and offer excellent care for clients.


Most states regulate the level of care a salon worker can provide for their clients, limiting the work to “beautifying” or cosmetic treatments only.  this means that under the scope of a nail tech’s licensure…


Nail Care & Chemo – pg 112

​Les Nouvelles Esthetiques, October 2013

The service you provide as a nail technician is more comprehensive than “doing nails.”  It is touch. It is empathy (not sympathy).  It is reassurance. It is hopefulness.  Here are some ideas that can help you provide the best possible experience for your clients (not patients!).

First, put on your best “poker face” and help your client cope in whatever way she seems to need. Be warm and show your caring and support of her, but really listen.  She may be reeling with the news, or she may have processed it and is ready to fight. You may need to simply…


MANicures Nail Care for Guys – pg 115

Les Nouvelles Esthetiques, August 2013

​Are you tapping into the men’s market for services in your salon? Here are some ideas to brush up your guy-friendly manicure skills.

From the front door to your table, a male guest needs to feel welcome when he walks into your business.  The obvious things might be neutral decor and sturdy, comfortable furniture.  Welcome them with a friendly smile and a “Hey! /we’re glad you’re here!”  This simple greeting can make even the most apprehensive client feel more comfortable.  A variety of other extra touches may help men…